Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Things to Do at Home When Recovering From an Injury

You are likely used to being up on your feet, but when you have to have surgery on your foot or you experience an unexpected injury, you might find yourself stuck at home for several weeks or more. Since you are not used to being at home and lounging around, you might enjoy the time at first. However, once you have spent a little time alone, you might get bored. There are plenty of things you can accomplish with your time, even if you do not feel up to being out and about. Here are ten things you might want to consider doing to occupy your time and enjoy yourself while you are recovering from your injury or surgery.

1. Work on Photo Albums

You have good intentions. You take a lot of pictures and print them out and you mean to file them in the right albums. However, you are busy and time just slips away. When you are on crutches and it is not easy to get around, catch up on your photo albums. The job is something you can easily do sitting down and you will feel wonderful about getting caught up. You can get out your pictures and make scrapbooks or just get out your computer and make picture books online. Don't forget about that youngest child's baby book either.

2. Play One Person Games

You do not likely have a lot of time to play games on your own. With no one home during the day to entertain you, you might enjoy playing solitaire, Sudoku, or doing crossword puzzles.

3. Update iPod

New songs come out all the time, but you likely never have time to add those songs to your personal collection. Sit with your computer and refill your iPod with inspiring music. The new tunes will help get you from place to place as you try out your crutches around the house.

4. Read Classics

In order to keep your mind active, pick up some of the bestselling books and dig in.

5. Play Video Games

Your kids have plenty of time for games, but you never get a chance. During your recovery, get good at the games your kids love and then beat them when they get home from school.

6. Learn Skills

If you have always wanted to cross stitch, play the guitar, or learn some other skill, while you are on crutches at home alone you have the perfect opportunity.

7. Converse

You may have neglected friends and family members because of your busy lifestyle. When you are nursing an injury and are on crutches, send emails to people you haven't talked to in awhile or call them on the phone.

8. Organize

That filing cabinet, Tupperware drawer, or junk corner of your house has been calling to you for years. With time on your hands, it is a great chance to get it all done.

9. Pamper Yourself

You probably never have time to give yourself attention. Enjoy a manicure, facial, or anything else you can do for yourself.

10. Look at Alternatives to Crutches


  1. Doing a little stretching from time to time will help you to recover faster from your injury. Try to move some parts of your body, but don't push it too hard. And if you can, work those areas that are in pain but make sure you can handle it. Also, having a physical therapist will help a lot so you can properly recover.
    Sandie Derouin @ U.S. Health Works Medical Group

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